Sunday, March 30, 2008

Who needs a plumber??

Who needs a plumber when you date a handyman?? But really...who wants to spend an entire rainy Sunday unclogging drain pipes?? The tub in the hall bathroom has been clogged for weeks....maybe even months. At first it was just draining slow, but then today it just stopped draining. As much as we hate working on Sundays, we couldn't ignore the tub full of water and the sink that wouldn't drain. Standing water + 4 year old boy = trouble. Not to mention the fact that G has to work tomorrow and we kinda have to have a tub and sink. After several trips to the hardware store, we were able to dismantle the pipes under the house and here's what we found: a plastic shark, a GIJoe arm, and a pirate's head (plastic, of course). No sooner than we get that fixed, I raise the toilet lid and find 5 or 6 deflated air packs from photo orders floating in the water. Thank GOD Trent didn't flush them or we'd be back under the house....again. What a day!!!! The fun never ends!!! pictures from this one! :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Commercial Break!

Ok....time for a commercial break! Today I want to share with you my favorite, favorite stamps right now! They're from Stampin' Up and I'm SO in love! I order from the coolest demonstrater EVER....see her site here. These stamped designs come from the Always set (Item #:111141). Stampin' Up can become a serious addiction, so beware!!! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Easter Story

So Sunday was Easter. We don't do the Easter's a Jesus thing. Instead Mommy gets all the cool points for buying treats and filling the basket that awaits Trent on Easter morning. Ok...Sunday morning.....Trent comes out and is all giddy about his basket full of goodies. Well, before he endulges in a breakfast of Milky Ways, bubble gum and fruit snacks...I take the time to tell him the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus and how Easter is a time of celebration. I realize I'm talking to the wall because his eyes are constantly wondering over to the Playmobil knights and Hot Wheels sticking out of that tacky, green grass that still lingers on MONTHS after Easter. But I feel like I've done my job as a Christian parent and I let the child dig through his basket.

Fast forward to later in the day. Trent goes up to Papa and says, "Today is Easter. Do you know what that means?" I'm thrilled....about to jump up and down....thinking I've really scored big this time. Well, he answers his question with, "Easter is when you get SOCCER BALLS!". Oh well....maybe next year. :)

Here are a few photos from Easter morning. This was the first time Trent had worn a tie and he called it his "Papa tie"....since Papa ALWAYS wears cool ties! He also insisted on going to "Papa's church" that's what we did. He's pretty cute, huh?!?

The site is down. ARGH!

For those of you who are asking....yes, the site is down. We don't know why and unfortunately Mr. Web Geek (aka: Gary) is working this week. Guess I'll have to stand in line with all the others who need his help this weekend.

Hopefully we can get him off the playground long enough to help us out:

I'm so slack!

I knew I would be terrible at this bloggin' thing. Seriously. But is BUSY and I barely have time for daily showers...much less keeping you all up to date on my business and personal life. Can you make new resolutions in March?? Of course you can!! I am challenging myself to do better at blogging. Let's see how long I last! :)

Let's start with some photos. Everyone LOVES photos, right?!? Here are a few photos from bathtime.....until he gets "too old" for bath photos. ;)