Monday, March 30, 2009

Michaela's Birthday Tea Party

I have done lots of fun things as a photographer, but I think this one ranks pretty high!

Michaela celebrated her 4th birthday at the Nicholson House Cafe and Tea Parlor. The Nicholson House is located in the middle of nowhere. Just's in Belvidere, NC.....which is near Hertford. If I had to drive there alone I would certainly get lost, but luckily Michaela's mom knew where she was going! :)

The Nicholson House is the neatest place!! Downstairs is a cafe and gift shop....upstairs is just the coolest! They had a special room set up for the girls. First they got to dress up in all kinds of vintage hats, gloves, scarves and jewelry. Then we went to the little tea room where they had a yummy lunch of PB&J, french fries and of course....tea!! The little tables and chairs were too cute!! After lunch the hostess brought up cookies for the girls to decorate!! It was every little girl's dream!! It's definitely one of those birthdays that will be hard to forget!!! And I'm glad I was able to make preserving those memories a little easier by taking a few photos! ENJOY!

The Unger Family

I love it when I get a call from the Unger family. I have been to their house many times and every time is SO much fun!! J and S have two kids...H and C. :) Kids are always unpredictable...I know....I have one. So some days H may be in a great mood and C may be sleepy....and sometimes C is fresh from a nap and H is just getting ready for one. This day happened to work in C's favor. H was sweet as usual....just really tired and ready for a nap! Still I think we got some fun shots! Check 'em out:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday, March 15

Wow! What a wet weekend!! It has been raining since Friday! But I'm not complaining...I love the rain!! I love it almost as much as the sunshine. Sometimes I love it more because it forces me to stay inside and get things done. :) This weekend I have been focusing on getting photos edited and cleaning house.
Spring cleaning is in full force! I have washed windows and curtains. I've mopped floors and wiped down cabinets. I've even cleaned those dreaded ceiling fan blades!! The whole house is getting some much-needed attention!!
Photos...good grief I have so many photos to work on!! So many sessions lately and I'm trying to finish up some directory photos for a local church. But here are some of my favorites from a recent session...finally finished these up today!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Class of 2009

Another year of senior photos has come and gone for this photographer. Photos have to be taken early for the yearbook deadlines, so by March I'm done. It's kind of sad, really....but I enjoy meeting these seniors before they head off on their new adventures.

This is a senior from ACS (GO Warriors!!). He came to me for cap and gown photos. It was a quick photo session, but it didn't take me long to realize that this guy is going to go far!! He's headed for the USAF and I know he'll make our country proud!! He definitely has one proud mama. :)

Getting back in the groove....

Trying to get back into the groove. :)

Just came across this new scrappy blog that really gets my mo-jo flowing!!!

Check it out:

Hope to post some new creations and new photos soon!! The photo-business has been ROCKING, so I will have lots of fresh and new photos to share!! My scrappy mo-jo is coming back and I've done a few paper things that I'll post as well!!!

So let's wipe off the dust and get this blog ROLLING again!!! :)