Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Another plant brag. Seriously....I can't believe this plant is still living. It was sent to G when his grandma December!! I just knew I was going to kill it, so it's still in the tacky, green florist paper. I keep thinking I would like to move it to a nicer pot, but them I'm scared that really will kill it. G has told me several times that I needed to toss it out. He can't stand to see it droop. But when he saw four pretty blooms on it yesterday I think he changed his mind and the plant is here to stay! WAHOO!


Four years ago I thought boy clothes were boring. I had a newborn baby boy and when I looked at big boy clothes I thought they were just yucky and plain. But now I have a big boy and I LOVE boy clothes! I think I love them more than girl clothes! Today was a good mail day. A couple of my favorite children's clothing stores were having sales last week and Trent needed new clothes. SO many cute things with beach logos and fun cargo shorts!! And these shoes!! I do love me some kid shoes. I think Trent has more shoes than I do. Cute. Cute. Cute.

Monday, May 26, 2008


If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember me mentioning a plant swap I went to at my parents' church a couple of months ago. Well, Trent picked out everything we brought home and I just KNEW I was going to kill every one of them. We've had enough rain that I've only had to water them a few times. And I guess I was lucky enough to put them in the right places (after consulting my trusty plant book). As of today...they're all blooming! Take a look....before they die, of course. :)

The Boys.

Ok...several posts from this weekend...all in one day. :) We were very relaxed this weekend. We did do some shopping, but G spent most of the weekend helping his brother, Corey with a school project. G's supervisor gave him today off, so he worked with Corey while Trent and I played Legos and Star Wars. :0)

Here are some photos from today:

Workin' at the Carwash.

Saturday was Trent's day. I knew it would be my last free Saturday for awhile, so I asked him what he wanted to do. First he said he wanted to eat lunch we did. Then he said he wanted to wash my we did. He was the perfect example of a diligent worker. Everytime he dropped the sponge in the mud he would pick it up and continue working. And while he went to brag to G about his accomplishments....I drove to the nearest carwash and paid $7 to wash the mud off. But as long as he was happy and doing what he wanted to do...I was happy. :) And now I have a super-clean car....inside and out!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The key to my heart? Food Lion's mini chocolate chip cookies. They're in the deli and they're oh so good. I can pass on chocolate any day. Cake doesn't even tempt me. But these little $2.99 a container...yum. And I don't share. I eat these when G is away and T is asleep. Bad mommy. Bad, bad mommy. :) Some take bubble baths, some relax with a hot drink and a good book...I have my mini chocolate chip cookies.


I do love photographing children. They're the perfect mix of silly and sweet. And luckily I have a 4-year old to practice on.

Here are some fun shots from a few minutes ago:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So much for that...

Those chores I was supposed to be doing did NOT get done. I did fold a load of laundry, cook dinner and load the dishwasher. But this kinda put a damper on my progress.

It was nice at first:

Then it just got ugly. The picture isn't great....partly because I was holding Trent back with one hand and partly because I was inside....where I should be, right? I love a good rain storm...or a thunderstorm...but throw in hail and wind and I become a big baby. :)

Just Another Day in Paradise.

Just another day in paradise. It's Tuesday....feels like Monday. Trent is being Trent. May the Lord bless his preschool teachers...they're gonna need it!
But right now he's playing Wii...unclothed...which is how he is 90% of the time. Of course, if this town had something to fit him, he may wear clothes more often. If you think I'm kidding...I'm not. The only shirt I found in 5T yesterday said "Blame the Dog". I almost bought it, but we don't have a dog. Gotta place an online order and SOON!
The cat...well...she doesn't bother anyone, but she also doesn't want to be bothered.

And the keeps piling up. I took a picture of the dishes in the sink, but it was too embarrassing to post. The rest of the house....not too good. My to-do list is horrendous.

But this is paradise. It's a beautiful day. Trent came and snuggled in bed with me this morning...something that rarely happens. He has slept in underwear every night for 2 weeks now and has stayed dry...that makes life heavenly! Everyone is healthy and relatively happy. I did clean my office, so I can work without feeling dust bunnies chewing on my toes. I'm feeling ever so slightly motivated, so if I go now I may knock a few things off my list before sundown. Au revoir!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Drumroll Please.

And the winner of the card set:



Congratulations! I'll get your address and mail them out tomorrow!

And for the rest of you....keep checking back...I have more surprises planned. :)

The nose knows.

First off...I have a VERY sensitive sniffer. If something stinks...I'm gonna smell it. And if I smell it...I'm gonna do everything I can to get rid of it.

Second...there's a stinch in my house and I can't figure out what it is.

Third...I'm still feeling funky. My body can't decide if it wants to feel like it has the flu or a tummy bug...or both. But this icky smell isn't cooperating with the nausea.

I've been smelling this funk for weeks...just can't locate it. So today was just the last straw. I pulled myself from the couch....deciding I was either going to find and conquer the smell or I was going to find a huge can of air freshener and arm myself with it. So I get in bloodhound mode....sniffing every inch and corner of the house.

When I think I'm close...I start cleaning. I *thought* it was in the hall closet. I had some blankets and extra pillows in there, so I pulled them out and sent them to the laundry pile. I figured if I was in the closet I should go ahead and clean/purge it. So the closet is clean...but the smell is still there.

Next I head to Trent's room...usually the source of most odors. And BAM!...I hit the jackpot. Apparently in T's pre-potty training days he decided to take a leak on his rug. Not only does it reek like something has left a nasty stain under the rug...on the hardwood floors. So I pulled the rug from his room and as soon as I have another burst of energy I'll toss it out the door.

It felt wonderful to find the source of the stinch...but it totally exhausted me, so now I have returned to the couch.

Not five minutes sniffer picks up another odor. This one is dusty/musty. My guess is the air filter needs changing. And I WILL find out what it

So if I ever go to your house and something stinks....I'll be the first to know it. The nose knows.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Don't Forget: Make it Better

Don't forget...tomorrow is the day I give away a set of cards!!!

See this post for more info: Make it Better

The drawing will take place at approximately 5 PM EST tomorrow.

Share and Share Alike.

Share and share alike. I've heard that all my life and I find myself repeating it to Trent. We want our kids to share. It's so nice to see two kids playing happily while sharing toys.

But there are some things not worth sharing. Like a cold, for instance. My dad had a cold. A few days later my mom had a cold. And guess what? A few days later I have a cold.

Share and share alike. Who's next? Heh...heh...heh.

Friday, May 16, 2008

More Etsy

An addition to the Etsy order posted earlier.

Custom Etsy Order

Just posting an Etsy order so a customer can view before purchasing.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Make it Better.

Well here it is! The give-away I've been promising for a week....maybe longer. These photo cards are something new I'm trying with the photos I take. And someone is going to be the lucky winner of a set of these cards (5). They come with envelopes and are GREAT quality!!!

What do you have to do to win these cards?? First, you have to do something to make the world a better place. It doesn't have to be huge. It can be as simple as recycling....or sending a card to someone...or picking up the tab on someone's lunch...or planting a tree. You decide how you want to "make it better". Once you have completed your task, post a comment to this blog entry saying what you did: "sent a card", "called a friend", "recycled", etc. On SUNDAY I will check back at all the entries and assign a number to each entry (you may post as many times as you like). Using a random number generator I will pick a winner. It's completely random and anyone can participate. And as my way of saying "thank you" for making it better....I'll send the lucky winner this set of cards!!

So go....make it better!!!

Mother's Day Dinner

We're always a little behind on everything. With G's crazy work schedule, we've learned to celebrate holidays, birthdays, etc. whenever we can. And it also means that a lot of events turn into multi-family events so we can celebrate with everyone at one time.

Well, G had to work Sunday....Mother's Day. So this meant that we couldn't really "celebrate" with the mothers. I did go to church and lunch (McD's...ha!) with my mom. But since G couldn't be a part of the fun we planned a Mother's Day dinner for our moms (the dads got to eat, too) and had it Tuesday night.

These were the table decorations and each mom got to take their plants home. My mom's color was green and G's mom's were blue (pictured below).

At each of the mom's place at the table we had these colanders filled with goodies. Once again my mom's was green (pictured) and G's moms was blue.

The food was delicious (and I can say that because G cooked most of it). G grilled a yummy pork tenderloin that was marinated and then rubbed with a lime/cilantro/cumin concoction. He also grilled apples which are always my favorite! I made some roasted potatoes and broccoli and this yummy vanilla/fudge marble cake (pictured below).

We had a great night. When there's good food, good people and good chats...what more do you need? :)

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there....even if I am a few days late. :)