Saturday, September 27, 2008

A year in review...

Today is my birthday. My 28th birthday. I've always been thankful that I was born in 1980 because I can always figure out how old I am. It's 2008 I'm 2009 I'll be 29. And in 2010 I'll be 20, right?!? :) Ha....kidding! But we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Every year on my birthday I try to evaluate the events of the last year. This year there aren't too many things that really jump out at me. No major milestones that I really remember. The highlight of my year was getting T to the point that he was 100% potty trained. That's just sad, isn't it?!? :) Most of the year was spent taking pictures, planning a wedding and getting T in preschool. I've started reading a lot more...which has been kind of fun and something I've really missed. But overall I've really just been trying to enjoy life. I know that soon we'll be going through lots of changes and I'm really just trying to spend more time with T and G .

Next year at this time I'll be a married woman and T will be in Kindergarten. He'll start baseball in the summer and probably soccer in the fall. At some point I'll have to stop shopping in the Junior department and face the fact that I'm getting older. :) But that won't be any time soon, I'm sure. I look forward to more opportunities to take photos. I've met some really fun people this year...that's what I love most about photography!

Although I didn't get to spend my birthday at Chuck E Cheese :), I did get to spend it with some pretty cool people...some of my photo clients, T and later my parents will come over. I've had several people stop by today to pick up their photos...and a few more still to come. I love seeing their faces when they see the photos in real life! Just makes me happy! One of the ladies I've done photos for in the past actually remembered that today was my birthday and called me. I thought that was pretty cool! Getting to know the people I work for on a personal level is just so neat to me....especially when all I get with some of them is an hour or two. Fun stuff!

G gave me Wii Fit for my birthday. Guess it was a sign that I need to get in shape! :)'ve been wanting it and I was surprised he had planned ahead for my birthday. Let's face it....remembering dates is NOT his strong point and I'm honestly never upset if he forgets. I usually try to make sure I give constant reminders....not because I expect anything, but I know he'll feel bad if he forgets. So that was a nice surprise this morning and T made me a few cards which were really cute.

And now I'm starting to ramble. Anyway, great day...looking forward to another year of fun! :) But for now....the boys need dinner, the dryer just buzzed and T has ripped the sheets off of his bed to make a tent. Lalalala life goes on. :)

Michaela's Three Year Portraits

When her mom stopped by today to pick up her proofs, I realized I had not posted Michaela's photos on the blog. :) Last year we did some photos of Michaela at the Jernigan House Bed and Breakfast. This year I wanted to do something different. So after a few studio portraits we went to the park! I really wanted a place that would be fitting for a 3 year old and the park seemed like the best place! While Michaela ran from swings to slides to balancing beams, I was following her with the camera. I'm sure people thought we were a little weird, but it was fun! :) And the smiles Michaela gave me on the swings were just priceless! All I had to say was 'cheese nips'. Or was it cheese dips? Cheese lips? :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jamie and Melissa

Two weeks ago I was able to go and shoot Jamie and Melissa's wedding. The night of their rehearsal was my first time meeting them, but I had met Jamie's parents and sister and had done some photos for them before. I knew if Jamie was anything like his family, we would get along great!! He was....and we all had a wonderful time!! Melissa was all smiles, all day and never once seemed nervous. Even with Hanna blowing through and dumping lots of rain on us, the day was a success!!

Taking a sick day....

T and I are taking a sick day today. We've been sniffling and sneezing for a few days now, but today it's much worse. Of course, we spent almost the entire day yesterday playing outside. T coughed all night last night. Finally around 6:30 this morning he stopped, so I'm letting him get some much-needed rest. But when he stopped coughing, I here I sit. I have lots of things to update you on, so until I start nodding off again, I'll try to catch you up on everything. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hello Little Worm

This little worm was outside the other day. T just thought he was the coolest! And yes...he kissed the worm. ICK!!!!

And he's off....

We got the call yesterday that T could start K4 today. So I had less than 24 hours to get together the things he would need and try to prepare us for the big day.

I had to wake T up this morning....which he did NOT like. He took his precious time eating breakfast and wanted to argue over what he was going to wear. :)

We made it to the school on time and met his teacher. She seems very nice and I think T will benefit from being in her class. But when I got ready to leave, T....the child who normally runs off to new things without ever looking back....he started tearing up and said he didn't want me to leave. He held it together, but it was tough to see. I maintained my composure, assured him I was right down the road and would come if he needed me...then I got outta there. :) We have the option of doing half-days which we may do on Tues/Thu, but for today I want him to try and stay all day.

Here are a few photos I took on the way out the door: