Monday, July 21, 2008


My uncle called me several times last year to take pictures at their baseball games. His cousin, Ruthie...plays and he coaches. This year he didn't call me until their last game. But they were going into this game undefeated and finished undefeated. I took so many pictures at this game....such a fun thing to do!

If you're reading this and happen to have kids on the Movie Time team, feel free to contact me...I have so many more photos to show you!!

Blah, blah, blog.

Ok...I confess. I haven't been a good and faithful blogger lately. I'm coming to terms with the fact that this is T's last summer before he becomes a "student" and I'm trying to make sure he does lots of fun stuff and gets to PLAY more than anything!

Unfortunately our "fun" turned "funky" on Saturday when a bunch of bees decided to gang up on me while I was cleaning out my flower beds. I was stung...oh...about 20 times. Some of the areas I can't exactly examine properly since they are in such unmentionable areas, but hey....if it hurts, I count it as a bee sting. And if you're reading this and have ever had issues with bee stings, extensive research has proven that BAKING SODA is the best thing for a BEE sting. Just sayin'. While I was swelling and stinging and hurting and trying not to lose my religion...I was also searching Google for remedies. All of which said BAKING SODA mixed with water was the best thing to treat it and to do it immediately. Once again...just sayin'. :)

So now, while my knees, arms, back and bottom are swollen and a nasty red/purple color....I will take advantage of this "rest" time and update my blog and finish up any outstanding photos I have in my "to edit" folder. Fun, fun!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Crown You....

Most of the time when I'm taking pictures I am moving so fast that I rarely pay attention to things behind a person's head. I figure I can weed them out later. Well, these are just too priceless to weed out.

The crown (aka: glowing light). I thought it was hilarious that somehow I landed it right on their head.

Goin' to the Chapel: Part Six

This is it. The end of the Matthews' wedding photos. I've had these done for over a week, so I guess it's about time I shared them. :) Once I see these in print, I'll upload them to the site and anyone who is interested in ordering prints can order at that time.

But these are a few of the reception photos. It was a very nice reception. The food looked delicious!! I typically don't eat if I'm working a wedding, but it looked amazing!! The cake was...well...Ford. :) The punch guessed :) Anyway, here are the photos:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Goin' to the Chapel: Part Six

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Matthews!!!