Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Moved to a new location.

No....I haven't moved. The business hasn't moved. (Both would make me extremely happy.)

My POTD photos are moving to a new location. From now on you'll need to check here for new photos:


How cute is that? A little calendar for all my daily photos. :) And you won't have to scroll through my crazy posts to see them! (But that also means I'll have to find other things to post here.....)

POTD: Jan 6

Several goals accomplished at once:
POTD: check
Make something out of paper: check
Begin restoring Etsy shop: check
It's a rainy day and the photo session I had scheduled has been postponed until Sunday. So other than some cleaning and some errands...I'm chillin'. I haven't touched my scrapbook supplies in FOREVER. I'm not sure if I lost the mo-jo or if it was because I just didn't have time. But now I have dried glue on my fingers and it feels so good! :)
Instead of making "year" resolutions, I'm making monthly goals. And one of my goals for January is to get my clairbug Etsy store up and running again (the LRC one will come later). This card will be one of the first things I list! I'm so excited to get some new things in my shop and hopefully draw in some new customers!

Monday, January 5, 2009

POTD: Jan 5

Her favorite daytime spot....T's bed. T went back to school today, so S (Sadie) has the room all to herself. She doesn't go in there when T is here, but as soon as he leaves, she is in there sleeping and watching the birds and neighborhood kitties.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

POTD: Jan 4

This is how I will be spending the rest of my day. It's rainy/cloudy, G is at a funeral and T is playing with his toys. This book will not boost my intelligence or strenthen my spiritual life.....it's fluff. And on a day like today....fluff is in order. So fluff it is. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

POTD: Jan 3

A good ol' hunting pup. :) Full of fleas, but still pretty cute!

POTD: Jan 2

T got a Nintendo DS for Christmas and he LOVES it!!! So far he hasn't played it too much....he doesn't have a long attention span, so I don't think I have to worry about that. :) I had to go get me one, too....so we could play together, of course! ;)

Oh...and I got a little point and shoot camera for Christmas...so I could be like all the normal people and not drag my big ol' DSLR everywhere. So this and probably the next few days' pics will be from my little PowerShot! I'm determined to prove to people that the camera doesn't make the picture. ;)

Friday, January 2, 2009

POTD: Jan 1

Well, it's a new year! And one of my resolutions is NOT to keep this blog up to date. I know I won't stick with it and that will be another resolution down the drain. But I will try.

One thing I hope will help me to post more often is this: Picture of the Day. Several of my online friends participate and I thought it would be fun. It's simple (well, sort of)....you take a picture everyday and post it (that's the hard part!). You don't have to be a great photographer...just get out there and take pictures!!

With that said....here is January 1's photo:

T got a tattoo in a kids meal this week and when we put it on him....he turned into T-Man! :)